Tips How To Keep Liver To Stay Healthy

Considering the importance of liver function, we must maintain a healthy liver. Because the liver with a variety of complex functions is very important for health of a person. Liver function neutralize and remove toxins, storing and supplying the body’s energy, protecting the body from infection, and regulate cholesterol and vitamin and mineral supplies in the body.
To keep your liver in good health always, here are some tips that you can do:
Healthy Eating
Unhealthy diet can lead to malnutrition or obesity, two conditions that can affect liver function. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help keep your heart in good condition. It is better to fill your refrigerator with low-fat foods, high fiber foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Reduce foods with high sugar and salt content.
Be careful with medications
Drugs and certain supplements if not taken properly can harm the liver. Always follow the dosage instructions and doctor’s advice to avoid drug interactions to avoid overdose.
Safe sex.
Hepatitis A, B and C is a liver disease that can be transmitted in a variety of ways, including sex without condoms. Practicing safe sex, for example, to avoid changing sexual partners will help reduce your chances of contracting hepatitis B and C.
Maintain the cleanliness
Hepatitis A is primarily spread by infected food lack of hygiene. Always consume food prepared correctly.
Limit exposure to toxic chemicals
Exposure to the gas coming out of the paint or other chemicals to make hard working liver detoxify your body. Should limit and avoid exposure to chemicals.
Limit your intake of calories
Excess calories in the form of carbohydrates can cause liver dysfunction and cause fat deposits in the liver that makes fatty liver. But it still needed body fat, so the levels should not exceed 30 percent of total calories a person, because it would harm the cardiovascular system. Calculate calorie limits you need. Remember, you need at least 15 calories per day for each pound of your weight.
Beware of alcoholic beverages
Liquor, beer and wine may have adverse effect on liver metabolism. Alcohol can lead to alcoholic hepatitis and hepatitis cirrhosis. People with liver disease should not drink alcohol at all.
Try to avoid artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners are toxic to the liver and can cause hypoglycemia and fatigue. If you have to eat something sweet, choose fresh fruit, fruit that has been dried or honey.

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